Thursday, 31 January 2013

Vintage Shopping

Hello!! So one of my amazing friends has recently opened up shop. It's a vintage store in Newtown, Sydney. The opening was last night, it is a wonderful store filled with all things Rachael. There are some beautiful designer pieces too -see Salvatore Ferragamo vintage handbags in picture#2. She has been shopping and collecting since she was a little girl. She is an amazing designer: and her pieces have been worn by Christina Ricci, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kristen Stewart and Rhianna. See below some photos that I took last night. If you are in Sydney, it's a must see vintage store- 500a King Street, Newtown. 

Photo: One of my most wonderful friends has opened her own #vintage store 500a #king street #newtown. #shopping in #sydney

Photo: #vintage  #ferragamo still #stunning.

Photo: #vintage #shopping in #newtown

Photo: me and dad recycle. #vintage #shopping 500a king street #newtown.

Happy Shopping!
- Bianca & Orlando :-) 

Photo: Orlando is enjoying the breeze now it's finally stopped raining! #beautiful #cat #siamese

Monday, 14 January 2013

New year, new you?

Greetings and Happy New Year! 

Don't know how it ended up being such a long break- but when you're moving, taking time off, Christmas-ing and New Year-ing... it happens. I've still been shopping way too much- although I've been getting into the home-wares a little too. Oh so fun. 

So after a month of settling in and settling in my beautiful boy- Orlando Bloom I'm ready. I've also had a few trends that I think will be leading the way for the New Year- comfort?!  


Image 1 of Nike Blazer Mid Burgundy TrainersImage 1 of Ash Bowie Turquoise Wedge TrainersImage 1 of Adidas Top Ten Hi Sleek Hidden Wedge Gold Trainers

1) Nike Blazer Mid Burgundy Trainers- available off These are great- wear them with casual pants and jeans. Oxblood and dark shades of red are still prominent so don't hold back on adding colour!
2) Ash Bowie Turquoise Wedge Trainers- available off Noticed this trend? I'm not entirely convinced on these wedge sneakers to be completely honest but this colour caught my eye. It seems that we will be seeing a lot more of these light shades of blue and it's great. 
3) Adidas Top Ten Hi Sleek Hidden Wedge Gold Trainers off Metallic much? Anyone that knows me knows that I don't see a point in subtle. If you're going to do it- enjoy it! And how could you not have fun in these darlings? I'm looking forward to the cooler temperatures just so I can make this change. 

Some of my favourite desiginers have also joined the trainers trend with their own pieces: 

From left to right: MICHAEL Michael Kors Urban Chain High Top Sneakers (shown in red at they are now available in black at, MICHAEL Michael Kors Fulton Sneakers (sold out currently at and Marc by Marc Jacobs Wedge Sneakers from 

I think if you're also going to try this go for a casual outfit (jeans or casual pants and a tee) and wear a great necklace- something chunky and with some bling. I've also got on order a hoodie and a backpack! What I am looking forward to is leaving the ballet flats behind on a cold day when they do very little- I love my mice more than most people but some days you just need to get comfortable. 

I know a lot of people have New Years resolutions etc- I'm not a firm believer in this. If you need to make some changes, make them. But as for changing yourself- only if there is a need. 

Happy Shopping!
-Bianca and Orlando :-)