Thursday, 11 October 2012

9 years.

Today is a very special day- my gorgeous little boy turns 9! :-) Happy Birthday Orlando!! 
Some photos I've shared on Instagram. I'll be cooking him some prawns for dinner tonight in a little bit of butter <3 

Happy Friday! 

-Bianca & Orlando. 


Monday, 8 October 2012

Bye Bye Winter.

So, being based in Sydney we're nearing the much warmer months of Summer. Unfortunately as we are on different times, I'm seeing these rather glorious winter campaigns and feeling somewhat saddened. There are some amazing new pieces coming out and I'm feeling rather annoyed. I'm missing out on these Peter Pan collared knits and metal toe capped booties!!! Gorgeous Baroque prints and beautiful woolen cardigans- things I was looking for all winter... well, if any of you are readers from across the globe I am glad that these beautiful items are here for you now. On the other hand- kudos to for always having clothes for all seasons. There are some new summer dresses which we Australians have first access to which are amazing! 

This post however is based on my sadness of the end of winter- it is always so much more fun to get dressed up in winter so I'm sure that most of you will understand. Or perhaps I can give you something to look forward to! 

After seeing some amazing pictures of Anne Hathaway which almost changed my mind about her- I did some clicking about looking at the new RED Valentino and Valentino Collections online. Wow, if she is the muse then she has my vote. 

RED Valentino - Bicolor Patent Leather Bow Oxfords
RED Valentino Bicolour Patent Bow Oxfords off Pretty is not the word and does these shoes no justice. I absolutely adore these. Pastels are great  and in pink, well!! If you have a look at any of my other posts- bows are my favourite so these shoes have it all. I've also worn off wearing heels for a while so the prettier you can make a pair of flats- the better. 

Komodo 'Crema' Cardigan in Crochet Knit

Komodo 'Crema' Cardigan in Crochet Knit off -this gorgeous knit has been hand crocheted in the Himalayas from pure new wool. I don't think anymore needs to be said other than I like the colour. The beige squares will be great when matching with your outfits. 

Image 1 of Paul by Paul Smith Spotty Cardigan
Paul by Paul Smith Spotty Cardigan off cotton & wool mix. These colours all work so well together. It is a happy cardigan- you would want to wear it every single day! 

Image 1 of Vero Moda Cute Collar Knit Jumper
Vero Moda Cute Collar Knit Jumper off I love the collar! It also comes in a redish colour 'Purple Potion'. 

Image 1 of ASOS Bow Gloves Image 1 of ASOS Bow Gloves ASOS Bow Gloves ASOS Bow Gloves
ASOS Bow Gloves off available in four colours and super cute! 

Image 1 of ASOS ALLURE Ankle Boots
ASOS ALLURE Ankle Boots off They're so awesome. Their only downfall (for me) is that they're not leather. If that doesn't bother you, you have to admit- they have something about them!

Image 1 of F-Troupe Flat Bow Ankle Boots
F-Troupe Flat Bow Ankle Boots off Because I love a good bow and since I bought a tan handbag, I realised how well it matches everything. My poor tan Mouse Ballet flats I can imagine would like a replacement to give them a rest! 

RED Valentino - Bow Rainboots MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS - Fulton Harness Rain BootsKate Spade New York - Rubber Rain Boots Kate Spade New York - Randi Too Polka Dot Rain Boots
Rain, hail or shine- the basics to get through winter are the gumboots. From left to right: RED Valentino Gum Boots, MICHAEL Michael Kors Gumboots, kate spade new york gumboots in orange and on far right in polka dot print all available off 

Happy Shopping!!!
Bianca & Orlando

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hey all! So, anyone who knows me would be thinking you, a t-shirt? Really? But, hey! It's Friday and it's Marc by Marc Jacobs so it's totally acceptable- oh and I work for a website so we're pretty relaxed! But as per usual, with an a-line skirt and rose gold MMJ ballerina flats. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs- Batty Tee from Looks white here it's a little more of a cream colour and it's awesome. Love the bat! And it's a great soft cotton too.

Twenty8Twelve Hutton Bow Tee from I know what you're thinking, I've always got to add a bow here or there and you're right. I do love a bow. The green in the background is good too, especially if you need a bit of colour. 

Madewell- Chloe Textured Pullover off Polka dots are great. And if you're not into wearing too much colour or want something that will match almost anything- even more polka dots this is your tee.

Something I like and came across- Simeon Farrar (London based designer) has created some exclusive to ASOS printed tees... here are some of my favourite.

Image 3 of Simeon Farrar Exclusive to ASOS Fox with Shirt and Tie T-Shirt Image 3 of Simeon Farrar Howling Wolves Raglan T-Shirt Image 3 of Simeon Farrar Exclusive to ASOS Mouse with Bow Tie T-Shirt Image 3 of Simeon Farrar Exclusive to ASOS We're So in Love T-ShirtImage 1 of Simeon Farrar Exclusive to ASOS Bambi T-Shirt

Oh and if you can wear jeans, I had to include these two because they're fabulous!!!! 
Image 1 of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania For Lee Monroe Jegging Jeans In Hippy Pink Print
Left: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania For Lee Monroe Jegging Jeans In Hippy Pink Print (off & on the right: Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Lou Skinny Corduroy Pants (off
Happy Shopping!!
-Bianca & Orlando.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Need the time?

I love jewellery I have bits and pieces all over the place- at the moment I am going through a stage of pearls though. I find it hard not to wear them- they just make every outfit look so much better! What one must always have is a good watch. I bought a turnlock Marc by Marc Jacobs watch in New York which is the main one I wear at the moment- and it's a great watch. I still love my Michael Kors watches though too- he does make an amazing watch. So recently I thought I'd post up some watches that I'm favouriting at the moment- I have to say I do prefer a leather strap at present... they all look quite similar, but it really depends if you're a gold- or a silver gal. Me, I like to have the option of both. Mainly- it's gold all the way and here is the evidence. 

Nixon The Kensington Leather Watch off This to me is a great everyday watch. Simple & it won't conflict with many outfits. My favourite watch at the moment is also black and gold :-) 


Michael Kors Peyton Round Two-Tone Leather Strap Watch off So I've finally embraced tan. After buying a tan Ralph Lauren handbag in NYC last year- it has changed everything. I bought tan patent Marc by Marc Jacobs ballet flats and I am so surprised how well they go with everything.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Goldtone Stainless Steel Watch/Navy off I have a bit of a thing for the M's. Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs- I'm sure it's noticeable! Very similar to the one I have at the moment except mine opens up so I can't go scratching the glass- I'm a little clumsy.. 

kate spade 'cooper' leather strap watch off This is so sweet and so elegant. I really like that it's quite delicate and not over-bearing. Perfect for those of you who have nice delicate wrists. 

kate spade 'metro' patterned dial watch off I love kate spade- and this watch gets my attention it's so shiny! If you're looking for fun, look at the range of kate spade watches. It comes in a few different colours- see below. 

kate spade new york 'metro' round leather strap watchkate spade new york 'metro' round leather strap watchkate spade new york 'metro' round leather strap watch

On that note, I hope you all have a beautiful  weekend and enjoy your time ;-) hopefully looking at one of these! 

-Bianca & Orlando. 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

I had to share this- the video is awesome.

Hello all! So here we are- another Friday- yay! 

First things first- if you're not following me on instagram I had to share this photo of Orlando- he likes to keep an eye on my while I get ready in the morning! 

from instagram :) bianca_catsclothescolour

Secondly, I saw this article- and I had to share! 

I could look at cats all day long- but if I'm not with Orlando I can get a bit sad. 

Finally, yesterday I had a couple of deliveries and (if you see my images on Instagram you would know) I didn't have time to go through everything just yet. I'm thinking I might start taking photos of my outfits. I feel I need to share them with people who will appreciate. For now, the Whistles floral skirt is amazing. I love the jersey asos dress- the most amazingly comfortable dress ever! The cat cardigan is purrfect and I'll come back to you on the rest! :-) 

Have a beautiful weekend!

Bianca & Orlando

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pleated Skirts

My outfit today, I'm rather pleased with: 

Image 1 of ASOS Bow Front Turban Hat

ASOS Bow Front Turban Hat. I do love my hair accessories and most of all- bows!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs L'Amour Fou Delicate Necklace- off This is quite a simple and delicate piece and I could wear it almost every day. If you don't like wearing too much jewellery- it's perfect for you.

Image 1 of ASOS Trapeze Top with Broderie Trims
ASOS Shirt with Broderie Trim- (sold out on I'm actually wearing a light pink cardigan with white polka dots over this top. The collar is quite big so it's really very cute on. I've tucked it into the Whistles skirt below.

Image 4 of Whistles Carrie Pleat Midi Skirt
Whistles Carrie Pleat Midi Skirt- almost sold out on This was my first Whistles purchase- I absolutely love it. 

Image 1 of ASOS Faux Fur Short Cuffs 
ASOS Faux Fur Short Cuffs- I put these on over the cuffs of my black MICHAEL by Michael Kors trench coat. It was just the right touch I think. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ballet Flats. Available on (sold out in rose gold). I bought these because some mornings I don't have enough time to change my handbag to match my shoes and my outfit. With these, I can wear them with almost anything. On the plate is actually silver so if there is silver detailing on my handbag- I can still wear them (yes, I consider every detail) so they're great. They're much higher cut at the front than my other Marc by Marc Jacobs ballet flats- but all the same after a couple of wears they're perfect! 

So after amusing myself wearing this beautiful skirt- I have another confession. I just can't get enough of these pleated skirts. I bought a couple from the brand Hi There by Karen Walker and a few from Alannah Hill (alas they are not available online but have a look at her website anyway because I love her stuff!! and most recently I simply had to have another Whistles skirt (below). Here are a few more that I came across online...

MICHAEL Michael Kors Collection Pleated Skirt
MICHAEL Michael Kors Collection Pleated Skirt- off One simply can't resist a printed pleated skirt, surely? I like the longer lengths too, they're quite fun. I bought a maxi jersey dress off earlier this year by Heather- Absolutely gorgeous fabric! And I was rather surprised at how easily I could either dress this up or down. Above it is with flat sandals, but I wore mine on a colder evening with my flat black Chelsea boots and a short jacket. I'd do the same with this too for a trans-seasonal look. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs- Tara Tonic Pleated Skirt off I love the two tones in this skirt- Black & White. I couldn't imagine that you would ever have any problems finding something to wear with it! If you're looking for your basic skirt with a twist, this is it. 

Image 3 of Whistles Lottie Skirt in Luna Print
Whistles Lottie Skirt in Luna Print- off I bought this last week and I can't wait to see the colours when it arrives!

kate spade new york pleated skirt
kate spade new york pleated skirt off This is actually 40% off at the moment so hurry, hurry! I really think one needs a bit of katespade-ness around them. Everything is just so fun and so colourful. I'm actually looking at another kate spade handbag at the moment but so many amazing bags to choose from! The Quinn, the Bow Bridge, Primrose Hill, Florence, Little Kennedy?! They are all fantastic- I love my Blaine Ostrich Embossed Leather handbag. Such a great size and so incredibly light to carry! I even advised my sister to purchase a kate spade handbag and she bought the Maryanne tote (below) which I loved but was concerned about the weight of the chain straps. To my surprise they were not heavy at all. 

Kate Spade Gold Coast Shimmer Maryanne Tote

Back to my main point- love what you wear, wear what you love. Look out for prints, pleated skirts and all things kate spade. 

Happy Shopping!!
- Bianca & Orlando :-) 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Casual Weekend.

Hi all! Hoping you're all excited and getting ready for a great weekend!

What arrived this week were my shoes from anthropologie (I'm wearing the Candela ones as I type!!) and they're both amazing:
 I'm on Instagram: bianca_catsclothescolour

So what did I buy online this week? I was looking for some casual wear...

Freddy Front Pocket Sweat Pants- off

These will be great trans-seasonal pants for the weekend. I think I'll stick to wearing them with flats though... maybe even bring these out:

Michael Michael Kors City Fashion Sneaker
Michael Michael Kors Women's City Fashion Sneaker- off

And this dress: 
Image 4 of ASOS Midi Dress With Long Sleeve 
ASOS Midi Dress With Long Sleeve- off It's 95% cotton- perfect for that in between season. It does come in black- but I have too many black dresses and I love this shade of red. 

And a cardigan for good measure: 
Image 1 of A Wear Cat Jacquard cardigan 
A Wear Cat Jacquard cardigan- off It has cats on it- I had to have it. And I love cardigans, so it was purrfect! :-) 

Happy Friday!!
- Bianca & Orlando