Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Casual Weekend.

Hi all! Hoping you're all excited and getting ready for a great weekend!

What arrived this week were my shoes from anthropologie (I'm wearing the Candela ones as I type!!) and they're both amazing:
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So what did I buy online this week? I was looking for some casual wear...

Freddy Front Pocket Sweat Pants- off

These will be great trans-seasonal pants for the weekend. I think I'll stick to wearing them with flats though... maybe even bring these out:

Michael Michael Kors City Fashion Sneaker
Michael Michael Kors Women's City Fashion Sneaker- off

And this dress: 
Image 4 of ASOS Midi Dress With Long Sleeve 
ASOS Midi Dress With Long Sleeve- off It's 95% cotton- perfect for that in between season. It does come in black- but I have too many black dresses and I love this shade of red. 

And a cardigan for good measure: 
Image 1 of A Wear Cat Jacquard cardigan 
A Wear Cat Jacquard cardigan- off It has cats on it- I had to have it. And I love cardigans, so it was purrfect! :-) 

Happy Friday!!
- Bianca & Orlando

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