Thursday, 30 August 2012

I had to share this- the video is awesome.

Hello all! So here we are- another Friday- yay! 

First things first- if you're not following me on instagram I had to share this photo of Orlando- he likes to keep an eye on my while I get ready in the morning! 

from instagram :) bianca_catsclothescolour

Secondly, I saw this article- and I had to share! 

I could look at cats all day long- but if I'm not with Orlando I can get a bit sad. 

Finally, yesterday I had a couple of deliveries and (if you see my images on Instagram you would know) I didn't have time to go through everything just yet. I'm thinking I might start taking photos of my outfits. I feel I need to share them with people who will appreciate. For now, the Whistles floral skirt is amazing. I love the jersey asos dress- the most amazingly comfortable dress ever! The cat cardigan is purrfect and I'll come back to you on the rest! :-) 

Have a beautiful weekend!

Bianca & Orlando

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