Thursday, 13 September 2012

Need the time?

I love jewellery I have bits and pieces all over the place- at the moment I am going through a stage of pearls though. I find it hard not to wear them- they just make every outfit look so much better! What one must always have is a good watch. I bought a turnlock Marc by Marc Jacobs watch in New York which is the main one I wear at the moment- and it's a great watch. I still love my Michael Kors watches though too- he does make an amazing watch. So recently I thought I'd post up some watches that I'm favouriting at the moment- I have to say I do prefer a leather strap at present... they all look quite similar, but it really depends if you're a gold- or a silver gal. Me, I like to have the option of both. Mainly- it's gold all the way and here is the evidence. 

Nixon The Kensington Leather Watch off This to me is a great everyday watch. Simple & it won't conflict with many outfits. My favourite watch at the moment is also black and gold :-) 


Michael Kors Peyton Round Two-Tone Leather Strap Watch off So I've finally embraced tan. After buying a tan Ralph Lauren handbag in NYC last year- it has changed everything. I bought tan patent Marc by Marc Jacobs ballet flats and I am so surprised how well they go with everything.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Goldtone Stainless Steel Watch/Navy off I have a bit of a thing for the M's. Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs- I'm sure it's noticeable! Very similar to the one I have at the moment except mine opens up so I can't go scratching the glass- I'm a little clumsy.. 

kate spade 'cooper' leather strap watch off This is so sweet and so elegant. I really like that it's quite delicate and not over-bearing. Perfect for those of you who have nice delicate wrists. 

kate spade 'metro' patterned dial watch off I love kate spade- and this watch gets my attention it's so shiny! If you're looking for fun, look at the range of kate spade watches. It comes in a few different colours- see below. 

kate spade new york 'metro' round leather strap watchkate spade new york 'metro' round leather strap watchkate spade new york 'metro' round leather strap watch

On that note, I hope you all have a beautiful  weekend and enjoy your time ;-) hopefully looking at one of these! 

-Bianca & Orlando. 

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