Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Polish them up!!

Nail polish. What can I say- it's a weakness & I love it! :-) I can never have too many, I think my last count was about 80ish.

If it's not really something for you, go for a lighter shade:


Yves Saint Laurent (left & centre) available off
OPI (right) available off

If you can, don't hold back and try some colour. Shades of pink, red are probably my favourite. Oxblood (centre) is a colour we have been seeing a lot lately and I think it's really versatile as a colour. Red-Orange (OPI right) is another great colour at the moment. With spring in the air- you can't go wrong.

Yves Saint Laurent left & centre:

OPI (right) available off

After all the time you spend prepping and painting, don't forget to apply a top coat. It really does help prevent chips and the polish to last longer. Most brands make a top coat- you won't be sorry!
If you don't want to go looking for one go with the Paul & Joe top coat below- they make great nail polishes:

Happy Shopping! 
Bianca & Orlando :-) 

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