Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cats Eye Sunglasses

It started as soon as I saw this image on

The Elizabeth and James Lafayette Cat Eye Sunglasses- my new favourite accessory. They aren't for the faint-hearted, and effort I believe needs to be put in to wear these gorgeous sunglasses. 

If you want to try the look but you don't want something as bold, I've got a few other options below :-)

1. Elizabeth and James Women's FAIRFAX Cat Eye Sunglasses from These are a bit more of a subtle cat eye more like a wayfarer which is suited to most faces and I love the white!

Elizabeth and James - Fairfax Cat's-Eye Sunglasses
2. Kate Spade New York Angelique Two-Tone Plastic Cats Eye Sunglasses from I love Kate Spade and I'm seeing this pale blue coming through now and it's fantastic. 

Kate Spade New York - Angelique Two-Tone Plastic Cat's-Eye Sunglasses
3. Alexander McQueen Cat Eye Sunglasses from They're a great colour and I love the detail in the frames. 

4. Valentino Cats Eye Sunglasses off If you like lace this is the pair for you, very elegant and not over the top. 

Valentino Cat's Eye Sunglasses
5. Stella McCartney Small Cat's Eye Sunglasses off These are the definition of a subtle cat eye, with this colour even if you think you can't- you can. 

Stella McCartney Small Cat's Eye Sunglasses
Happy Shopping!! :-) 
Bianca & Orlando. 

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