Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Where did it all start? I've always loved shopping, but one of my first favourites is Michael Kors. It started with the perfume, Michael. After my first trip to NYC I found my favourite black patent tote- the Hamilton. It was perfect- not heavy and such a great size. Since then, I've purchased wallets, handbags and a number of shoes and I love them all.

Ladies, he is a must. For everyday wear and when you need something special. Michael always cheers me up:

In particular, these are my favourites. If you have some time have a look and let me know what you think!

I was never one for tan leather, until I bought a handbag in this colour last year. It amazes me how much it goes with everything! This one I adore. There's something about this woven leather and in this colour, it's perfect:

There's something about this colour & in saffiano leather- you can't go wrong:

I was so disappointed when I was in NYC in December last year and the Ostrich embossed leather handbags were not in stores yet. Just amazing:

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